Financial Tools

Experts tell us that money is the number one subject that couples fight about. Without question, strong families work diligently at making wise and godly financial decisions. 

FinancialAccording to Gallup, “Nearly one in three Americans prepare a detailed written or computerized household budget each month that tracks their income and expenses — a large majority do not.” 

Imagine how much money would be saved if everyone managed their money in this way! A simple budget will not only help you find out how much money you spend, it will help you identify any areas where you are wasting money. Furthermore, if you never made a budget, now is the time to begin. Click on the links below for simple instructions. Have a blast!

How do I create a budget?

How do I stick to a budget?

Financial Skills

FinancialFinancial Peace University (FPU) is a great course that helps families sharpen their financial skills. According to FPU, a family’s average savings per household in just the first 3 months is $6000!  The course is often available at local churches, can be taught in a small group setting, or taken online. We highly recommend Financial Peace University! Click here to watch a quick info video.