7 Important Things You Need to Tell Your Kids About Politics

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2016 Presidential Race Who did you vote for in the 2016 presidential race? Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? Perhaps you decided to write in your own name! Isn’t politics crazy sometimes? If you are anything like me, just thinking back on this experience triggers a lot of different emotions…anger, excitement, embarrassment, disbelief, revenge…maybe even hope. […]


How to Avoid the Trap of Helicopter Parenting

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Are You a Helicopter Parent? Helicopter parents. I’m sure you’ve met them before. You may even be one.  Plain and simple, they are parents that constantly follow their children around in order to prevent any negative experience that might potentially damage their self-esteem or hinder their safety. Their motives are sincere, but they often hurt their […]


How to Safeguard Your Marriage From the Ultimate Betrayal

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Ashley Madison Have you ever heard of Ashley Madison? It’s a company that helps married people cheat on their spouses. Sounds crazy, right? In 2015, Reuters reported that Ashley Madison had 37 million clients. This was at the same time that someone hacked their system and exposed all the names. The exposed data uncovered information […]

chronically ill

MY STORY – 13 Useful Things Guaranteed to Help the Chronically Ill

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In last week’s article, I told you about my personal struggle with chronic illness and pain. I was pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming support I received from everyone. Altogether, the post got shared 127 times! Thank you so much! If you haven’t had a chance yet to read or share it, you can do so […]